Corey QLD 03/07/2013

I've been using this protein for several months now; it’s got a great taste & a Very high protein percentage.

I haven’t found any better value for money than this!  Highly Recommended AAA+++


Jane NSW 30/09/2013

Very good as a snack or meal replacement. Highly recommended.


Jack NSW 01/10/2013

Been buying the Whey Protein Isolate from professional supplements over the last 6 months and have enjoyed every drop of my protein shake before and after training.

The protein is great value for money and also dissolves well with my milk and sometimes the dreaded water mix.

The big variety of flavors adds some excitement to my protein shakes and the choc honey comb made downing the water mixture enjoyable!

Great thing is you can get 2x2.5kg bags and mix the flavours up for a bit of variety or not have to endure 5kgs of a flavor you don't like! Highly


Guy 08/10/2013

Excellent product, powder is easy to mix with either water or milk. Need to keep it dry though, any residual moisture in shake container sees the WPI become 'gluggy'

Otherwise, nice flavour (I have also tried the chocolate flavour) with a 'genuine' taste (not artificial tasting).


Peter VIC 09/10/2013

A good range of great tasting flavours that makes it very pleasant in either milk or water.  It also mixes very easily.


Jaye VIC 09/10/2014

WOW! This product is the best protein powder I have ever used.

I have been training for the last two years and tried just about every type of protein out there, from the cheapest of cheep to the expensiveness of expensive and only one really stood out and that was professional supplements range of protein.

The taste is absolutely amazing and with their range of flavours there is something for everyone! It mixes really well no matter if its milk or water. I only buy my protein from Professional Supplements now; it has revolutionise the way I train!


Jen QLD 19/10/2013

Love the WPI - best value & best taste and quick reliable service. Anyone I've recommended has been just has happy!


Luke NSW 21/10/2013

You get really good value for Money here!!! (protein can get quite expensive)!! I really do think this stuff is great, really good quality protein.

Loved all the choices of flavours, you can mix and match make your protein shake a little fun.

I really do recommend this to all my mates, and anyone who's reading this. Great Protein, great quality, great service!!


Michelle SA 26/10/2013

I purchase your Protein Whey Isolate and find it is by far the best available.  The flavours are awesome!!  I recently went on a holiday to Qld with the kids and overindulged a bit too much!! 

But I was soon back on track with training and weight goals with Pro Supplements WPI high protein powders. Cheers and keep up the good work!


Steven NSW 03/09/2014

Best value for money, flavour range is fantastic, dissolves well, cannot beat this!


Steven WA 1/12/2014

Have been taking this protein for around 6 months now and will be sticking with it from now on.

I have so far tried the Choc Mint and The Iced Coffee, I do not rate the Iced Coffee as I don't think it tastes like it but the Choc Mint is the best flavour protein I have had.

This protein powder mixes fantastically with no lumps or grittiness, with minimal liquid. Have been using Dextrose as a pre workout along with Maltodextrin and this works just as well as a pre workout without all the extra crap ingredients.

Exactly what the name says no hidden extras and great price.


Aaron SA 17/03/2015

You guys are so fast, keep up the good work